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Pandian Kumar - President/CEO


With almost two decades of experience in the home building industry and helping over three thousand loans, Pandian offers a unique blend of leadership, vision and knowledge. He has also held executive leadership roles in many other organizations and has used all of this experience to become not only a Mortgage Branch Manager, but a builder as well. He realized that there was a need for affordable homes in the DFW market back in 2017 and that is when he got to work, structuring a company that specialized in homes under 200k. Aside from helping families, Pandian is a competitive racquet ball player, winning multiple Championships, but he still says his greatest achievement is still being a father to two amazing children. He always asks when he meets new clients, “how can we make your home building dream come true?”

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Debbie Hodges - Sales Consultant


With over thirty five years of experience across a broad spectrum of Real Estate related business, Debbie brings a unique skill set to the Homes Sweet Homes client base. Her ability to connect clients, actively engage in the home building process and identify concerns and come up with solutions has been invaluable. Much of her business comes from support of past clients and referrals from past clients due to her warm demeanor and problem solving skills. When she is not helping clients fulfill their dreams you can find her spending time with her family or on a dance floor. Debbie, says “there is no greater feeling then when we get families in homes that never thought they could.” 

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